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"I guess I have to go alone." She gave a worried look as she went down the road as she neared the dark woods she found the world around her got more dim and dark as well. As if the sun were setting with her every step. This world was oddly familiar like she walked through here before. But that would be rubbish after all she barely remember who she was. So how could she remember such an estrange place she never been before? Mitza took caution as she walked up to the entrance of the woods. "What if I get lost?" She voiced her concern looking around for something is anything she could use to mark her way.
Finding nothing she gave a sigh and looked down at her dress. It could serve the purpose of marking the way but that meant ripping pieces off. After a long disagreeing and agreeing debate she found herself ripping small pieces of her dresses bottom. "There but that is all I'm ripping off!" She protested to herself as she looked at the fabric in her hand. It was such a pity she had to rip her pretty little white and blue dress. The flower pattern on her dress looked so nice but now it was short to above her knees. Mitza sighed gently looking at the fabric in her hands before she tore off a small piece and tied it on to the branch closet to her.
Mitza walked on through the dark forest  not forgetting to mark the trail she had gone that was until she it a fork in the road. A small post stood having more then enough arrows pointing every which way not really helping her decision. "Which way should I go?" Mitza put her hand to her head as she thought carefully. "Well I cant go up, And I'm sure there's no way to go down?" She eliminated some of he choices. "I can go straight but there's no road. And I'm not going to go back that would be meaningless." She began removing the arrows from the small post until there was only two choices left.
"I can either go this way or that way." She looked at the last remaining arrows that pointed down two different paths. "But which way?!" She held her head as she shook it from side to side unable to figure the right way.
"You can go east but maybe west sounds more fun." A voice echoed through the trees causing Mitza to jump and look around for who it belonged to.
"Who's there?" She called out.
"Well I'm here then again I'm there." The voice got louder.
"Now that is ridicules you cant be here and there so where are you?" Mitza placed her hands on her hips and tapped her foot impatiently.
A laughter sounded from behind Mitza causing to her to turn only to be face to face with a male somewhat taller then herself. His eyes a bright blue and his hair the colors of green and blue stripes. The oddest thing Mitza noticed was the fact the boy had cat ears and a tail. The same color stripes as those in his hair. "Who are you?" She spoke moving a bit closer to take in the others features.
"Who am I isn't it common courtesy to introduce yourself before asking for my name?" The boy smiled widely so wide it frighten Mitza just slightly.
"Why should I give my name to a complete stranger!" She glared at the other who only smiled and disappeared from view. "Ah?" She looked around. "Where'd you go?" She called out.
"I'm right here." He whispered into her ear causing her to jump and turn slapping him across the face.
"Have you never heard of personal space!" She looked angrily and flustered.
He looked slightly shocked but it did not stop him from smiling at her. "Oh I like you, aren't you an odd one. What is your name I'm Shaq Cheshire." He put out his hand in order to shake hers.
Mitza was slightly taken back by the forwardness but shook it off and looked at him "I'm Mitza.. um just plain Mitza." She took his hand and shook it slightly aware just in case.
"Well just plain Mitza where are you going?" He let her hand go as he leaned against a near by tree.
"I don't know really I was just told to follow the road... But that's just it! The road splits so now I don't know what to do..." She looked at the pile of arrows and the last two remaining.  
"Oh no that is a problem. Well it all depends on where you want to go. Do you want to visit the white rabbit or go see the duchess?" He questioned looking the girl over.
"White rabbit..? duchess? Who are they?" She looked at the cat boy who gave a smile.
"The white rabbit is a hand full sometimes he makes me tick. But the duchess is a mean and self centered young lady. Either way its up to you but I bet either way your going to meet them sometime along your way." He pushed off the tree and smiled going over toward Mitza.
"Ah well I rather this rabbit but how do you know I'll meet the duchess too?" She place on hand on her hip and pointed a finger at the other with a smile. "I can just avoid her if I want making you wrong." Mitza smiled in triumph only to meet another smile causing her confusion.
"You can but I'm sure in this whacked world you'll meet everyone." He moved closer causing Mitza to take a step back in the direction of the rabbits house. "If your looking for something then you need to find it even if it hides in the worse place in wonderland." His voice got lower and more dangerous.
"What do you mean.. I can assure you what I'm looking for is one none of your concern and mostly definitely not in the worse place hiding." She backed up step by step feeling as if everything she knew he knew.
"And I my dear Mitza can assure you things aren't always that easy." He purred causing her to take one more step tripping over a small rock. This only caused her to reach out and grab for him only to miss and hold a card in her hands. "Wha-" She let out a small eep and began to tumble down the road, but not before she was able see his smiling face disappear into thin air. Poor Mitza tumbled all the way down the road only to be stopped when she hit a white fence with a small oofph.
Mitza sat there trying her best to make the world around her stop spinning but no dice. Mitza looked at the card as she tried to read it or at least see what it said. The card was labeled The Hermit with the picture of Shaq. Mitza groaned as she got to her feet and put the small card into her pocket with the other. "What is with the wacky people here in this forsaken place!?" She cried out throwing her hands in the air.


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